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Friday, December 19, 2008

Free Drum Sounds

Most pages require e-mail registration.

Banging Beats has a zip file of sounds.

SampleCraze has some good stuff with no registration.

P5 Audio has 380mb of samples and drums for free.

100 MB of Raw drums (direct link to download)
password: DeuceBlack

Michael Fisher 808 drums (direct link to download)

Obi The Incredible drum blog

909 drums

Interesting Drum Sounds uploaded by me

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free VST and RTAS Instruments

E-Mu Proteus VX (Mac and PC) [excellent]

Independence Free (Mac and PC) [2Gb of sounds]

Free Alpha 3 (Mac and PC)

UVI Workstation (Mac and PC)

Sonik Synth 2 Free (Mac and PC)
***removed from site*** wtf?

SynthMaster Free (Windows Only)

MinimogueVA (Windows Only)

Angular Momentum Bundle (Windows Only)

Xpand! (Mac and PC) protools only*
Structure Free (Mac and PC) protools only*

Remedy (Mac and PC)

FineLine (Mac Only)

JK FluidsynthHEX (Mac Only)

Kore Player (Mac and PC)

DSK Bundle (Windows Only)

-ElectriK GuitarZ
-AkoustiK GuitarZ
-Analog MatriX
-Indian DreamZ
-Ethereal PadZ
-Chaos Theory
-DrumZ AkoustiK
-Darkness Theory
-Asian DreamZ
-DrumZ BeatVoiZe
-AkoustiK KeyZ
-mini DrumZ
-PleyadeS (beta)
-Harmonica (beta)
-KaoS (beta)
-ElektriK Keys

Broomstick Bass (Mac and PC)

Rock Synth

4Front Bundle (Mac and PC)

Steinberg Virtual Bass (Mac and PC)

NovaKill bundle (Windows Only)

Tons of stuff here too. - nX-Synth 2

Mokafix - Tatapoum 4.0 pattern based drum machine

Free vst FX

Audio Damage - Rough Rider (compressor)

Nomad Factory - Free Bundle [Phaser, Sweeper, Tremolo]*XP only

Nomad Factory - Warmer Phaser (one of the best sounding ever)

Tritone Digital - Free Plugs [ColorTone Free, PhaseTone]

Flux - Free Plugs [BitterSweet II (transient shaper), Stereo Tool]

BrainWorks - Bx_solo (stereo/mono monitoring device)

iZotope - Vinyl (great lo-fi/vinyl simulation plug)

Roger Nichols Digital - Inspector (spectrum analyzer)

Togu Audio Line - TAL-Vocoder

4Front - W1 Limiter (Waves L1 Clone!)

Kjaerhus - Classic Bundle [Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Eq, Flanger, Master Limiter, Phaser, Reverb, Auto-Filter]

Antress - Modern Bundle (too much to list)

Digital Fish Phones - Fish Fillet Bundle [Blockfish (compressor),Spitfish (de-esser), Floorfish (expander/gate)

Camel Audio - Camel Crush (distortion)

Slim Slow Slider - Linear Phase Graphic Eq 2

Slim Slow Slider - C3 Multiband Compressor

Moogo Filter - Moog style filter

Tone2 Bifilter free v1.61 - Great high quality filter

Novakill Stuff-
kILL-O-RAMA (x-y pad)
killerDELAY (delay)
killerGATE+ (gate with LFO)

DaSample Glaceverb - Reverb (Windows only) [best free synthetic reverb]

Anwida Soft Reverb Light (Mac and PC)

SIR1 - Reverb (Windows Only) [best free IR reverb]

GVST - GSnap [pitch correction like AutoTune] (Windows Only)

Bootsy Freeware [adds color to digital recordings]

Betabugs Audio - Usefull quality plug-ins (some mac and all PC)

Blue Cat's Free Bundle (chorus, eq, others)

Massey Plugins - Very good HQ plugs (mac and PC) *protools only

Matthew Lindsay NCL Eq (PC only)

Reaper ReaPlugs (PC only)

Free Recording and Beat Making Software

Kristal Audio Engine - Recording software

Audacity - Recording software

MU Tools - MU.Lab Free - Recording software

Acid Xpress - recording software 10 track

LMMS - Similar to FL Studio